Objective Nothingness

by blowupnihilist

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released February 16, 2010

Produced by Andre Sanabria at Excommunicate (Seattle, WA)



all rights reserved


blowupnihilist Seattle, Washington

• four track tapes: 1999-2003

• live performance, studio recordings: 2003-present

Music is the refuge of souls ulcerated by happiness.

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Track Name: Mercury(II) Fulminate
Track Name: Ischemia
Each and every decisive word I’ll ever speak is futile, down to the letter; it is a marriage without love, an abstract notoriety. It was chisel and stone that cultivated the perennial artists initial obsession, knowledge misunderstanding acclaim: ah but what of the quill! Language, that of a cultures existence is relevant customarily if that society thrives. Identity, rather, religion eradicates all who diverge; abolish the church, the world prevails: utopia.
Track Name: The Vanity of Compassion
Musical composition may give one infamy for a generation or more, the cineaste, inextricably linked to the degradation of celluloid, has an inherently edited lineage; and as the end of all life perpetuates, the insignificant matter of my being draws to a close as well; while sitting amongst pseudo-friends semicircle, objectifying redundancy spewed from a box, I ask myself if anyone else exists in this, my realm; what is illusory, and what is actuality?
Track Name: Death Messenger
We cannot guide art with a tired hand, nothing is new anymore, experimentation is arraigned by those who possess no insight; this is the punctuation point. If I instigate chaos, somnambulate disorder; it’s the purest form of art to any further extent. Reject the idea of finishing anything; reject matter. Reject form. Constant evolution, unremitting growth of a subject or piece, open ended and indefinite, can never have its conclusion. Thus immortality; three notes that drove the master mad; equivocates a continuative metamorphosis of… nothingness.